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DUMB Ambitious Goals: Achieve More

"We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

John F. Kennedy famously set NASA the ambitious goal of landing on the moon within a decade. This lofty objective galvanised engineers and scientists, compelling them to devise innovative solutions to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Kennedy's directive exemplifies the power of DUMB goals—Dream-Driven, Uplifting, Method-Friendly, and Behavior-Driven. These goals push boundaries, driving ambition and fostering innovation within organisations.

The key to realising DUMB goals lies in cultivating the right environment and assembling high-performing teams who are enthusiastic about tackling the challenges ahead. Just as reaching the moon required perseverance through trial and error, embracing failure as a learning opportunity is essential on the path to success.

When setting DUMB goals, it's crucial to involve teams in the goal-setting process. Collaborative goal-setting fosters buy-in and excitement, igniting the team's collective drive to chart the course toward achievement.

As teams embark on the journey toward DUMB goals, they enter a phase of dynamic exploration and experimentation. The process sparks creativity and invites diverse perspectives, leading to the emergence of novel solutions and breakthroughs.

The energy and enthusiasm generated during this phase propel teams toward becoming high-performing entities. As innovation flourishes and progress unfolds, the workplace transforms into an exciting hub of growth and learning.

By embracing DUMB goals, organisations unlock new levels of potential and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Start setting DUMB goals today and unleash the power of ambition and innovation within your organisation.

At On Purpose we help teams workshop and create DUMB goals. More details are also available in our best-selling book, Leading on Purpose. 

Leading on purpose. The guide to creating a purpose-driven culture.

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