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Leaders Purpose Workshop


This purpose workshop is designed to work with the senior leadership team to the workshop and create a powerful purpose statement for the organization. It starts with creating an expansionist environment to ensure the Purpose is aspirational. The purpose formula in this workshop has been extremely successful and ensures the organization's purpose is external and customer-focused. A leader's workshop takes between half and a full day.


This program is designed to work with a team to put in place the qualities needed for a team to be high-performing.  In this 1.5 day program a team will work together and establish;

1.     Team purpose

2.     Build trust within the team

3.     Set an ambitious goal

4.     Commit and establish ways of working for the future


This program has seen teams achieve results that people could have only dreamt of. The power of this workshop is getting alignment and commitment to a bold goal with the team. The focus from this point forward is working out the "how" of the big goal.



Team leaders play a significant role in team performance. It is critical to success. Ensure your leaders understand how to build, drive and inspire teams.

One-on-one or through a leadership forum, On Purpose can work with your leaders to ensure they understand and have the tools to lead the high-performing team.

Specific to your needs


What’s keeping you awake at night? On Purpose can facilitate with leaders and teams to solve these issues. Tailor made solutions specific to your needs. Just reach out and setup a call and we can discuss. 

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