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The power of a journey

The Power of a journey

Apple. Google. Tesla. How do they do it? How do they continue to surprise and thrive when the world is changing so quickly.


They embrace it. They love it. They make it part of their DNA. They change the way they think about change.

They transform what can be scary and daunting, into something that is constant and exciting. Something to be treasured.

The secret to leading change is to ensure your organization embraces it. Think of it as an exciting and invigorating journey. Foster an attitude where your people can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner, over the next hill.

Embracing and setting your organization on a journey naturally creates great qualities and makes change constant. It means from the outset your people see you, their leader, as a champion and evangelist of the organization’s purpose. Progress and change become baked into the way people work: they expect it, they thrive on it.

With a purpose-led culture, traditional achieve / non-achieve KPIs lose their relevance.

It’s no longer just about achieving a number, it’s about achieving a dream.

So chart your organization’s journey towards the dream. Allow your people to reflect and enjoy how far the organization has come, how much momentum is building. Every step that aligns with the purpose and goals should be celebrated. Every celebration delivers a sense of progress and accomplishment to your teams.

We have developed a standard set of questions to set purposeful KPI’s that will encourage and energize your teams as they fulfill your organization’s purpose.

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