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A purpose-driven culture in 3 steps




A purpose-driven culture begins with the right mindset. Making sure your teams are focused on finding the opportunities in front of them. Mindset is also about understanding trust and how this can impact everything you do. Organisations are about people and building strong relationships. These concepts create the foundation for a powerful purpose-driven culture and get you ready for step two.




Having a powerful purpose is the next step. This is the combination of two things. The ambition you have for your customer and what makes your organisation or execution special. When considering the ambition for your customers, consider what their ultimate goal is from using your product or service. For example, wellness is the ultimate goal of someone taking medicine. Then what makes your organisation or execution special? What makes you and your teams proud of who you are and how you operate. Combining these two things into a purpose statement will ensure your purpose is customer-focused and makes your teams feel proud of working for your organisation. 



Unleash the power of teams

Step three is critical, execution is the key step to ensure your purpose becomes the DNA of your organisation. Without this step, your purpose is just words on a wall. Ensuring your teams are high-performing and are focused on putting your purpose into action is critical. Setting ambitious goals aligned to the purpose will have your teams developing innovative strategies which will be exciting to execute and differentiate you from competitors.  Step three is key to ensure you create a purpose-driven culture that will inspire your teams and customers and deliver results you only dreamed about. 

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