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The power of a compelling purpose statement cannot be underestimated.

People don't buy drill bits, they buy holes
  • It can motivate and inspire internally.

  • It can provide unstoppable focus and a point of difference externally.

  • It can inform future decisions.

  • It can attract and retain the right kind of like-minded people.

  • It can make the company grow and become stronger.

Here are some examples:

"An unstoppable drive to restore people’s lives."

– Pharmaceutical Company

"Helping you leave your mark on the world."

– Power-tools Company

"The enemies of seriousness."

– Youth-oriented radio station.

Before we consider creating a Purpose statement it is important to first understand what business you are in. Who are your customers? What are their needs and wants? It is important to ensure your purpose statement is aligned with the ambitions of your customers. This will drive your organization closer to your customers.

Understanding the business you are in is such a simple concept but when you get this right it can transform your thinking and the strategies you and your team create.

Imagine you are the drill bit manufacturer;  you’re actually an organization that delivers holes not the manufacturer of drill bits. With your teams focused on holes you will soon find fantastic new strategies and product innovations to give your customers the best holes in existence.

Build your purpose


A motivating and liberating purpose statement combines two elements. The ambition you have for your customers and what makes your organization or execution special. When these two elements align, your organization and the aspirations of your customers are connected. This connection is genesis. Your team will be proud to work for an organization that has a clear direction that recognizes them as part of the future.


This purpose will drive and align your team to focus on your customer's ambition and double down on what makes your organization special.


The critical next part of the process is to ensure your purpose statement lives every day in your organization.

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