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Unleash the power of teams

“To be a part of a high-performing team, you must believe that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.” 

High-performing teams are the engine of your purpose-led culture. The better, more highly tuned your engine, the better your organization’s performance.

So getting your teams right, and maintaining them in top working order, is crucial to your overall success.

Your teams are the link from your purpose to strategy. Your goal is to set teams up for success and ensure the strategies they create are aligned to the company’s purpose.

Your teams are the power base of the organization, so understanding how to create high-performing teams needs to become part of your organization's understanding.

To build strong teams, the Drexler Sibbet model provides a structure to team building. Using this structure, team-building workshops set your teams up for success. Creating a team purpose, ensuring trust, aligning on an ambitious goal, and setting aside time and resources to support the team.

Critically important to team success is the team leaders following through with the workshop outputs. However, it is also vital to maintain and monitor your teams to keep them focused and on track. Initially, it is easy for teams to return to their old ways. It is your job, and the job of the team leader, to stop this from happening.


A key ingredient for high-performing teams is having bold goals. We recommend following the DUMB goals structure. The fresh perspectives it offers you and your teams ensure goals and ambitions are aligned with the organization’s purpose. Once they have set their goals, the purpose of all future team meetings is to uncover the “how” to achieve their DUMB goal. Team’s will be uncustomed to setting goals which they do not know how to achieve. But this is the key. The power of teams is people working together, thinking and uncovering innovative ways to achieve the goal. When that has been cracked wide open, the focus, ambition and drive can be unleashed and the true power of a high-performing team will be felt.

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