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Ambitious Goals take longer than one year to achieve

Updated: Feb 2

In the corporate landscape, the prevalent one-year SMART goal framework often leads individuals to set conservative objectives, aiming for what they are almost certain to achieve.

This limited timeframe restricts the pursuit of ambitious, groundbreaking initiatives.

For brand teams, breaking free from this cycle and adopting 2-3 year DUMB (Dream-driven, Uplifting, Method-friendly, behavior-driven) goals proves pivotal in fostering innovation and securing sustained long-term performance. Granting teams the luxury of time removes the unnecessary pressure associated with short-term targets. Incorporating progress Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) facilitates effective monitoring of their journey.

shoot for the moon and land among the stars
Shoot for the moon

The mantra "shoot for the moon, land among the stars" encapsulates the essence of encouraging teams to aim high. Rewarding progress, even if the ultimate goal isn't fully realized, fosters a positive, growth-oriented culture.

Contrary to traditional norms, tethering substantial financial incentives solely to 100% goal achievement inadvertently encourages teams to set safer, more achievable targets. High-performing teams, driven by ambitious and inspirational goals, thrive on recognition and proper rewards, negating the need for external carrots.

Linking remuneration to ambitious 2-3 year goals can inadvertently turn the pursuit into a stressful, serious endeavor, hampering creativity and innovation. Maintaining the annual SMART goal process while concurrently engaging brand teams in workshops to formulate DUMB goals has proven successful. This shift transforms brand team meetings into collaborative sessions focused on unraveling the "how" to achieve DUMB goals, fostering a team dynamic.

Our high-performing teams program, backed by numerous success stories, exemplifies the efficacy of this approach. Feel free to reach out to delve deeper into this transformative strategy.

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