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Has Boeing Lost It Purpose?

Boeing 747

The recent tragedies involving Boeing's 737 Max have brought to light a fundamental shift within the company – one that has veered away from its engineering roots and instead prioritized profit over safety.

It's no secret that cost-cutting measures and design shortcuts have resulted in catastrophic failures, costing lives and tarnishing Boeing's once-sterling reputation. The disconnect between Boeing's stated vision and its actions is glaring – mere words plastered on walls and websites, devoid of any real guiding force.

This scenario is all too common in today's corporate landscape. Companies often invest in crafting elaborate purpose statements, only to abandon them in practice. When leadership fails to embody and uphold these values, employees rightly perceive them as empty rhetoric.

A truly purpose-driven culture goes beyond lip service; it permeates every aspect of the organization, from top to bottom. Everyone should understand not just what they do, but why they do it, and how it contributes to the greater mission. Leadership sets the tone, leading by example and instilling a sense of purpose in every employee.

Boeing's focus on short-term profitability has not only compromised safety but has also proven to be counterproductive. By neglecting the core purpose principles of customer satisfaction, safety and excellence, Boeing has incurred massive fines, worldwide lawsuits, and grounded planes – a stark reminder that profits should never come at the expense of integrity.

I've taken the liberty of sending a copy of my book to Boeing's leadership team, in the hopes that it might spark reflection and inspire a return to the company's founding purpose and principles. It's time for Boeing to reclaim its purpose and prioritize safety and engineering above all else.

Inspired to build the best planes, would see Boeing again making profits and also drive Airbus to strive to build better planes. Competition always makes humans strive to be better.   

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