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Purpose alone is just kumbaya

Why is it that some organisations have a purpose and the people who work there love it, but they look the same as everyone else in their industry?

The reason is that the purpose is not linked to driving the business, it’s not influencing strategy and execution, it’s just making people feeling good and kumbaya!

The key is making the link from purpose to strategy. In most organisations strategy is developed by teams. Set your teams up to be high-performing, give them a powerful purpose, and see the sparks fly.

The High Performing Teams link

When your teams are set up and empowered in the right way; that is, with a purpose; they will deliver the strategy and executions relating directly to that purpose. They are the beautiful machine that takes the purpose from the wall and infuses it throughout the organisation. And when they are truly aligned, they are unstoppable.

The unique strategies and execution will ignite excitement in the organisation and people feel proud to be doing new things which are different from everyone else; setting you apart from competitors. Customers will see and feel the change in your people, the excitement will be infectious and build a closer connection between customers and your organisation. The closer your teams become to customers the more insightful and unique your team’s initiatives will become. This momentum will see your organisation executing faster than ever, new ideas will turn into initiatives quickly, your teams’ energy will explode and then you realise, you are changing the world!

Sound like you? Call me.

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