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Crucial conversations are a powerful ingredient in high-performing, purpose-driven cultures.

Crucial conversations are a powerful ingredient in high-performing, purpose-driven cultures.

Everyone always knows where they stand and how to provide and receive constructive feedback when necessary. It means when people are given positive and or constructive feedback, they know it to be honest. This reduces gossip and whispers in the hallway and performance uncertainty for individuals.

Everyone in your team, especially people who are leading others would benefit from the Crucial Conversation Program.

You may say all my team give feedback and can do it well but, in my experience, there is room for improvement.

Without any formal training people leaders generally sit in one of two camps when it comes to having crucial conversations.

1. Avoid it, they try not to have the discussion, potentially have a discussion but really don’t get to the point. For these people, prior to the conversation the thought of the discussion takes up a disproportionate amount of their time and energy and creates stress.

2. Without Consideration, these people just say what they think, and provide feedback without considering the other person. They don’t think about having the conversation at all, they just come right out with it, there is no plan. No consideration is given to the timing or considering the feelings of the other person. This can be worse than avoiding it, option 1.

The crucial conversations program breaks down the process and helps you plan the conversation you need to have. It supports you by providing the tools to help you plan and execute a constructive conversation.

With time and experience, it becomes more natural. The art and skill is having a confronting conversation where the other party feels safe and, in many instances, thanks you for the honest feedback.

Check out these video examples of situations in which these skills make a massive difference.

Video 1 Video 2

Purpose Driven high-performing cultures are experts in crucial conversations and feedback.

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