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Why Purpose Driven Organisations are more successful

Why Purpose-Driven Organisations are more successful

In a conversation a few weeks back, purpose was put at one end of a spectrum and profit at the other. It would seem people expect that if an organisation becomes Purpose-driven then profits will suffer. This is true when the purpose is not connected with strategy and execution. The purpose is just some words mounted on the wall and forgotten about.

The key is to cascade the purpose into all areas of the strategy which will lead to the purpose being the centerpiece of execution. A beautiful thing. And when you get that right, your organisation will grow faster, generate more profits, enjoy lower staff turnover and increases in staff happiness, and achieve fantastic customer satisfaction scores.


Why are we here? What’s our Purpose? When an organisation has a strong and clearly articulated purpose at its centre, everyone in the organisation knows exactly why they are there and exactly which direction they, and the organisation, are heading. Having your teams pointing the same way, making the link from purpose to strategy, with the aligned goals and aspirations and working towards a common purpose produces miraculous results: productivity skyrockets; speed is improved; decision making becomes more accurate and less time consuming; time and resources are spent where they will deliver on the purpose - not wasted on activities that don’t align or serve the organisation.

Everyone heading harmoniously in the same direction will make any organisation almost unstoppable.

Team Ambition

With everyone aligned on working towards the organisation’s purpose, a clear direction is already established for your teams. It soon becomes obvious (especially when they’re set up to be high-performing teams and empowered as such) if doing things the same way will move the organisation closer to the purpose. If it won’t, then your teams will have a clear understanding as to what does need to happen. Change becomes positive and energising. Organisations become nimble and proactive.

The purpose provides the pathway and the ambition for teams to strive to find new more innovative programs to move the organisation ever closer to the purpose.

Differentiated Execution

Innovation that is guided by a clear purpose results in differentiated execution. A clear purpose ensures your products and services are more closely aligned to the needs of customers. These improvements alone lead to greater customer satisfaction and attracts even more ideal customers.

Improved and differentiated products and services protects against competitor discounting and can result in premium pricing.

From Purpose to strategy to execution

The longer your organisation has been purpose driven, the further ahead from competitors your organisation will become and the more differentiated your products and services will be.

This ultimately allows your organisation to achieve significant improvement in performance, customers satisfaction, employee engagement.

The key is the link, from purpose to strategy to execution. And when you get that right and the purpose becomes part of your organisation’s DNA the possibilities become endless.

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