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why big goals matter

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Recently l learned of the progress New Zealand is making in achieving the big goal of being predator-free by 2050! NZ’s goal is to eradicate all rats, stoats, and possums. With large forests and native bush, this is an ambitious goal. These animals are not native to NZ and are destroying the native wildlife.

This goal has united the country around the cause, different groups throughout NZ have joined together, trap libraries have been set up and progress is being made! People have been inspired by this big goal. Do they know they can achieve it? No. But that doesn’t matter, the goal has made the progress possible! Without the goal, there is no way they would have made such great progress to date.

Take this concept into your business. Do your teams have big goals that unite them and inspires them every day to go further? Setting big purpose-driven goals in organisations achieves qualities many organisations struggle with today. Qualities such as:

1. Aligns everyone, reduces internal politics a patch protection

2. Drives innovation as people recognise to achieve the goal they will have to think differently

3. Innovation leads to new and unique strategies and initiatives

4. Differentiates your organisation from others in your industry

5. Excites all stakeholders including customers

6. Drives continuous change within your organisation

7. Delivers class-leading financial performance

8. Drives employee engagement and satisfaction

At On Purpose Solutions we work with teams to establish these qualities needed for them to become high-performing. Purpose, trust, a big goal, and then commitment. With these qualities in place, teams will begin working together on how they can make progress to achieve the goal. The following months are critical as they begin working in new ways, investigating ideas, and working on new initiatives. Once teams begin executing and making progress they are on their way. The energy will be infectious!

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