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Business is not that complex

People step back, 99% of organisations produce and sell a product and service. That’s all.

Getting back to the purity of this will improve your organisation performance and enable your people to work less and be happier.

Over time, the purity is lost, layers and layers of policies and procedures have been developed in response to things that have gone wrong. These polices and procedures, while they make people feel better don’t actually stop the issue from happening again.

Then to solve perceived issues, initiative after initiative are implemented. Slowly but surely the business becomes more and more paralysed and execution suffers. Focus on customers suffers, the organisation becomes internally focused.

The leaders then wonder how to solve this, what initiative would solve this issue. Adding more now will not solve anything, more more more will just make things worse. The answer is actually less less less.

Organisations need to get back to their purpose, get back to the simplest form of their organisation, re focus from being internal to a focus on customers.

Leaders, also before you think it, this is not a change management process…omg what is it with you and processes.

This starts with you and getting your leadership aligned. Set your business on a journey to achieve its purpose and the change will happen naturally.

Stop adding stuff and start removing stuff.

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