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It all starts with mindset, as it is important that everyone’s thinking is aligned and in the right frame of mind to create a purpose. First, you as the leader need to decide and be intentional about creating and living a purpose. As a leader, you are its evangelist: people need to see you, when they think of the purpose, and it’s important that this is authentic and real. 


How does your organisation make the world a better place for your team, customers, suppliers and community? A powerful purpose has the ability to transform an organisation and align everyone to why your organisation exists.With the right purpose statement in place, to make it powerful we need to unleash the power of our teams to align our organisation to the purpose, and make it live every day in the DNA of our people. 


A purpose is only powerful when it’s put into action: in organisations today, strategy and execution are delivered through teams. Understanding how to build and develop high-performing teams ensures that your purpose is executed through innovative and inspirational customer solutions. High-performing teams have infectious drive and energy. They create and execute unique strategies that see them outperform competitors. In these teams, camaraderie drives a sense a loyalty and belonging, for which we all strive.


Setting your business on a journey is not difficult, but it does make a world of difference to organisational performance and team mindset. Being on a journey means that your organisation is constantly progressing to achieve its purpose. Change is a recognised, perpetual part of the organisation’s DNA. This ensures that even long-term team members do not become stuck in their ways, and that everyone is open to change.

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